CIS and anitvirus

Question if I have CIS do I need Comodo antiviurs? Windows 7 64 bit os says I have no antivirus… all help wanted. .

Do you have Comodo Internet Security (CIS) or Comodo Firewall (CF) installed?

I ask because CIS includes Comodo Antivirus as part of it, CF does not. Thus, if you do have CIS installed you already have Comodo Antivirus installed, and Windows should recognize that.

Thought I had CIS but looks more like a CF I will download CIS and install Give it a try thought I had but yesterday was busy so may not. Thanks for the help. :'((

Hi Loudspot,
Both installers carry all the components, there is no need to download CIS if you have Comodo Firewall installed.
Trying to install CIS from a different installer over CF could cause issues.
The correct way of adding the Antivirus component is in the instructions in the link below.
Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

Kind regards.