CIS addicted

I dunno if it’s interesting for anyone but I must say that I’m a CIS addicted.
I’m a long time Comodo Firewall user then a CIS user. I always like it and I never have problems with it. It comes like a glove to me but a month ago I said what the heck it should be others security products as good as Comodo and I decided to try them one by one or combination of them (pretty limited choices because my Vista64). So the saga begins: PrivateFirewall, Webroot Firewall, PCTools Firewall, Rising Firewall, Vista native firewall (with and without Vista Firewall Control), Outpost free and even Pro (I won a lifetime license from one of their contest), Threatfire, Microsoft Security Essentials and probably I forgot others.

Result? Yesterday I’ve installed (again) latest CIS and activated all suite (FW, AV, D+). Now I feel like I come back home, everything is familiar and smooth like silk.
All others solution are fine, no problems with them but they miss something to really make me to pick one. I don’t know what but when I see CIS shield in systray I feel like I’m with an old and good friend.

Melih, what have you done to me?

Yeh, I feel safe when ever I see that little shield in the corner ;D

And Time Machine will be like your comfort banket. :smiley:


All we did was built a top notch security for you, providing you with confidence and trust that you are safe…:slight_smile:

And like Panic said, wait for CTM and v4…if you think this is good…you will be amazed with whats coming :wink:


Yep, for me v4 is probably the most wanted/awaited piece of software. Eagerly waiting…

Wait till you see CTM!!!

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

It really is “the ducks nuts”! It’s brilliant!!

Yup im addicted to CIS & other Comodo products. ;D

V4 will be the most amazing security program out there!!! :wink:

Now all we need is a countdown for it.

Yeah, and then postpone it, so we can laugh with all the angry people ;D


LOL I’m laughing already. ;D

just add a ~ sign besides the countdown, or name it estimate countdown that should do it.

Officail countdown clock of sorts would be great to behold…

Yup, same here - CIS is very addictive.

Haha, same here. ;D I have commercial license for KIS 2010, but do not use it.I like comodo more than kaspersky. =)

I am a user of Comodo products for some time now and I have seen the changes, the evolving of comodo products, seeing them become more grown up and some day surpass all major security products of the big antimalware vendors; in security, usability, configurability and customizability. Thinking back at the time I used my computer without Comodo security solutions I am amazed how I could surf on the internet without protection of Comodo security solutions, I guess I was fine browsing the net feeling naked… Now I only wish I knew the Comodo company much earlier and many more people with me! I am still amazed how open and honest the CEO of Comodo is about the evolving of his company and above all in his statement to create the trusted internet.

Know about Comodo is one of the great things that has overcome me in the field of internet security and computer security. Call me a fanboy, for me this story is as true as believing in the creation of the trusted internet.

Very kind DaRtH VaDeR, very kind indeed.

thank you


Saga continues. A couple of days ago Outpost came with a new version with some important fixes so I’d say to give it a go. Indeed no more BSOD’s but something catch my attention, disk activity.
First screenshot is Outpost with utorrent running (mostly upload).
Second is Comodo Comodo with utorrent running (full download/upload).
Even is not the same period/torrent the difference between amount of disk activity is obvious in favor of CIS.

But let’s say that is not a major problem (even I have a SSD and I don’t like unnecessary disk activity). Today I find another substitute for Task Manager (I was(?) a Process Explorer faithful user) called AnVir TaskManager which has an interesting column called Disk Load.
For my surprise Outpost has a constant 240 kB/s I/O activity (third screenshot). It’s a discussion on the matter on their forums but it’s unsolved.
So it’s time uninstall Outpost and reinstall CIS. I was curious about CIS activity in same conditions (fourth screenshot) and (as I expected) no unnecessary I/O activity. :-TU
So in the end I’ll say it again: Melih, what have you done to me? ;D

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we are always here for you guys!


Heck yes. I run a small computer maintenance business with my dad and we have several computers of our own and half the time I want very badly to install CIS on them (ours and clients’). My mind sighs like it’s receiving spa treatment when I peer in a tray and see CIS on the job.

Of course, I’m saddened when I’m obliged to install competing protection software (and disable their HIPS if present) on most computers because most people are unable to use and are annoyed by the likes of D+.

I smile wide and humble in the fact that I have CIS running on the home file server and my personal computer.

And this is my first post on this fourm. :smiley:

G’day and welcome to the forums.

There are ways to minimize the alerts and pop-ups so that novice users aren’t as intimidated. Do a search on the forums - there’s quite a lengthy post about how to set this up.

[b]And this is my first post on this fourm.[/b] :D

First of many we hope. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

How To Achieve Max Security With ZERO Alerts!.

I’ll always be a COMODO CIS (minus the AV) User and will keep recomend it and continue installing it on all PCs I service as a PC tech. I wish the AV could be as good as Avast so I can use the whole suit.

I have tried a far few of different security apps and combinations of. But Comodo is what I always come back to . Its just a great feeling to have that level of control over what comes in and out of your system.