CIS 9 and Valkyrie ?

What are the plans for Valkyrie within CIS 9 ? Will it be automated submission just like in CCAV and also with actions based on verdict from Valkyrie?

Valkyrie will likely be integrated in CIS 10, Comodo is skipping version number 9, but we don’t know specifics:

Let’s wait for the beta of v10.

Well, I know current CIS has no support for it and won’t ever have it because it’s pointless porting it back if it’s already planned for the future, but I’m just wondering if it’ll be a full thing this time or just half of it like in current CCAV…

Time will tell. That’s all I can say for now.

Just out of curiosity, and for the other people who don’t know it (like me at the moment):
What is Valkyrie? Thanks in advance.

Valkyrie is Comodo’s AI based cloud behaviour analyzer that recently went final after years of development.

What does this do differently then VirusTotal, what makes it special and why should I use it?

Because it gets integrated in CIS v10. It will provide a much faster judgment to the status of files. Unknown files will be in the sandbox for a shorter time.