CIS 8 create Junk ADS streams on your new executables

CIS create Junk ADS streams ($CmdTcID) on your new executables (ie. .sys .exe .dll .js)

Copy executable file from same
Download new executables
Install new executables, new drivers, new windows updates

Stop your Junk ADS streams please
I unlike ADS streams, some people too. (ie. SaveZoneInformation)

When you copy files from a NTFS file system to a USB flash-drive (FAT),
You may receive the Easter egg “The file Setup.exe has properties that can’t be copied to the new location. Do you wish to continue?”

Comodo Firewall
HIPS Disabled, Auto-Sandbox Disabled, Viruscope Disabled, Cloud Disabled

Waste my time full scan on safe mode >:(

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I have created a bug report about this issue. Please add more information for the developers there.


Is it possible to remove these ADS ? I have tried to delete them with Pointstone ADS Scanner 2.0 and it doesn’t work…


The only way I’ve been able to delete $CmdTcID is by first uninstalling CIS 8. Then I recommend installing CIS 7.

Looks like CIS 8 is protecting this ADS, or perhaps recreates it as soon as it is deleted ?

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Please contribute in the bug report topic noted above, where you will find answers to your questions.

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