CIS 7 - can't block EXE from running


I want prevent some program from starting and running. I had added it to “Blocked files” but it runs anyway. I had checked all tabs under “File rating” and it’s not in “Trusted files” or “Trusted vendores”.

BTW where is “Blocked files” tab?

Hi and welcome pspost,
The blocked files tab is in the protected objects panel.
Protected Objects
Blocked Files

Kind regards.

captainsticks, thanks for reply. But problem remains.

I ignored that “blocked files” tab because it is under HIPS roll-out, i.e. “Defence+ → HIPS → Protected objects”. My HIPS is disabled by default since installation on "“Defence+ → HIPS → HIPS Settintgs” tab.

So I have some EXE. I added it on “blocked files” tab and can still run it. ALso this EXE is still in “File Rating → Trusted Files”. Why? How to prevent it from execution?

Hi pspost,
Without enabling HIPs, I am not sure that you can achieve your desired result.
Note: With HIPs enabled the blocked files list will override the trusted files list making the blocked.exe inactive.
It may get added back to the trusted files list from the internal rating system, but it will still remained blocked as long as HIPs is enabled.