CIS 7.0 advanced tasks/clean endpoint - 75,000 threats at 69%!

I run Windows 7 on a desktop PC.

Please excuse me if this is the wrong forum for this query. I have tried to identify the correct forum, but cannot identify any that deal with my query (there are mentions here and online of Endpoint Manager, but these are beyond my understanding).

I first ran this application some time ago, when I got 7,500 threats on C:/ drive and queried those here, but I cannot remember what then happened.

This, the next time I ran the application, the first 7,500 (approx) related to documents I have been working on and I could not understand why threats should be identified within what to me were these innocuous documents. I let the application continue, and came back to it a few hours later, when I found it was now referring to 75,000 threats, the 70,000 difference referring to the external drive on which I store backups.

I had not wished the application to search this drive for fear that would destroy the backups were threats found there. I use a Seagate Backup Plus Drive (and Dropbox). Perhaps this fear is misfounded.

How do I configure the application not to scan this drive? I have tried to find out and don’t get anywhere with that, no matter where I try, Comodo or online.

I did not instruct the application to clean any of the 75,000 threats, and exited the PC. On restarting next morning, the Endpoint notification line (the green bits that move across) came up as usual, and said no threats were found, to my relief.

THe CIS program then appeared in the Windows Action Centre, where it says CIS is ‘out of date.’ It is of course still working.

Questions: why the 75,000 threats? - should I in fact be worried? - false positives? - what if anything should I now do about that?
am I right to be worried that the backup drive backups would be destroyed/compromised b y allowing Endpoint to clean those threats?
how do I get Endpoint to ignore the backup drive?
is there a connection between what I have described and being told CIS is out of date? - should I uninstall it and reinstall?

Many thanks

The clean endpoint feature is the Comodo Cleaning Essentials app integrated into CIS. I believe there’s a support forum specifically for Comodo Cleaning Essentials issues. Its always advisable when playing any game you should familiarize yourself with the rules.

Here’s a link to the CCE rules: