CIS 6 more themes?

Got an idea last night. Can you lovely Comodo ppl create new themes for CIS 6? Something like Kaspersky Ferrari Edition. Due to copyright I know you can’t do Ferrari but some red cool theme or others. Thank you. Any of this in progress for CIS 6? Anyone know? :slight_smile:

Comodo forum users any cool suggestions? :slight_smile:

I agree. The current themes are getting a bit old.

v6 is getting a complete UI overhual

its not yet ready guys. will take another few months..

CIS 6 is getting a huge overhaul…amazing scanning speed…brand new sandbox…brand new UI and much more…

we hope to have a beta out in Aug…

Please note - ‘hope’ to have a beta out in August.
That doesn’t mean it will be out.

Nice ;D

I better wait and get Comodo 6 with few issues rather than for them to rush it and make a lot of mistakes like Avast 7…