Which CIS GUI do you prefer and why?


Not necessarily for functionality, but IMO it has a more modern appearance.

v 5 GUI certainly for functionality and professional look…

v 6 GUI is more like tablet/Win8 suited and is not functional at all…

CIS 5 GUI is more usable then current CIS 6 GUI. I think it’s better to iron CIS 6 GUI then it’ll be perfect.

CIS 6 is the windows 8 version of CIS. Pretty but not functional.

I think CIS 6 GUI is good. The only think they need to do is to incorporate the usability & other important improvements suggested strongly by the users.

I prefer CIS 5 GUI :

  • easier to use
  • excellent summary page with useful information easily accessible. In V 6, it is replaced by killswitch which is painful to use to say the least
  • requires less clicks to navigate
  • the windows components are more intuitive
  • the FW and Defense+ applications rules appear in a window which doesn’t require to scroll down to see all the components of the rule, everything is at a glance. The small squares in Defense+ application rules are visually more indicative than words for the components status and let you switch more easily between the 3 options allow, ask, block
  • popups give information without needing to click to see it; in V 6 you have to click to see that information and then the allow option is obstructed and you have to click again to hide the information to be able to select allow
  • by right clicking the tray icon, you can change the security level of components which is very useful. In V 6, you have to dig deep in the interface to do that which is a lost of time and productivity
  • CIS 5 GUI looks professionnal; CIS 6 GUI main page and widget look childish

Surely it must be possible to change the look of CIS GUI without hampering its usability and functionality as is the case in the actual V 6.

Moreover, as I’ve said in other posts, I don’t see the point of a touch centric GUI knowing that :

  • users of XP, Vista and Win 7 won’t use touch and for a long time, they’ll be the core users of CIS
  • in Win 8, CIS is NOT manageable in the touch part of the OS aka “Metro”, can’t even make a popup appear in Metro. To use CIS, Win 8 users will have to be in “Desktop” where they use other “legacy” programs with keyboard and mouse. So why optimize the GUI for fingers when those fingers won’t handle it?

Right now, the only reasons I will stick with v6 instead of going back to v5 is the availability to import the CAV database from my HDD and the long-awaited timers in the taskbar icon. As far as the UI goes, I think it’s horrible compared to v5.

I know I’m in the minority here but I like the direction and gui of v6. I see what comodo is trying to do and while it might not be as practical as v5, it’s more of a set and forget sort of thing. But like most of you, I did like the summary stuff in v5 on the first screen. What I did with v6 to make it a bit more functional is, I added watch activity, view logs and reset sandbox along with scan and update on my first screen in the task bar.


The GUI of CIS5 has room for improvement:

  • An option to create a custom policy/edit the existing policy direct from an alert window
  • An easy way to apply an action on more files in pending/trusted/blocked files (at the moment you have to select them one by one)
  • An easy way to search this lists and the policies
    come to my mind.

But in my eyes, the CIS6 GUI is a large step backwards in usability and functionality.
I don’t need to mention, that none of the features I miss, were added. The simple search in the policies window was even removed in the beta.
Valuable information was completely removed or burried in the depth of the GUI. The actions for lists are hidden by default, showing the information in alerts hides the allow button…

@icecube1010: “set and forget” means the GUI is (almost) irrelevant after an initial setup. You can reach this goal with CIS5 already.

I will definitely stay with CIS5 as long as possible.

I voted either. I think v5 is probably easier for a majority of users. I didn’t like v6 GUI at first, but have since gotten used to it. Now I rate it about equal to v5, maybe a bit less.

I like the modern look of CIS 6. CIS 5 is easier to use. I prefer CIS 6 more.

They should a little bit improve CIS 6 usability and it would be perfect. :-TU

Here you are right, but let’s hope that will happen in the final version :slight_smile:

CI6 is better but they really need to add few most common features to the main menu. Some of those that were available in CIS5 but aren’t anymore in CIS6.

So basically same as on Crysis:

Visuals / appearance over the gameplay.
(On CIS 6: Appearance over the functionality.)

Dont mean to sound like an ■■■, but to me it sounds like that. :-\ :frowning:

Hi killer89,
I do see where you are coming from but even with the loss/change of some functionality, most importantly the security is not lessened.
I believe with any major overhaul the transition is difficult sometimes.
Do not hold me on it, but I can sense some functional changes happening in future releases.

2 everybody who likes to use words like “modern” etc. Recently I’ve heard a brilliant very fine word: versiasis

CIS 6 GUI is good.

But they have damaged the Usability/Functionality in CIS 6.

Even the Unrecognized Files Lists & Sandboxed Processes Lists that you can open through gadget opens the whole advanced settings & KillSwitch.

In version 5 those functions in main GUI opens only unrecognized files & sandboxed processes lists which is better.

Likewise they have damaged other better functions too.

They need to incorporate the improvements strongly suggested by the users & improve the functions to make it better.