CIS 6 Fever

For me CIS 6 is going to be the most powerful, feature riched CIS in its history, if the promised features are implemented. And it is going to be the most easiest version for Average Users too. I am having CIS 6 Fever. And for the first time I am all geared up & ready to beta test, malware test, etc in full swing on the real system.

Just want to know 1 thing.

As I am going to beta test on real system, malware test, etc…

I think no beta bugs & no malware can prevent re-installation of the system after completion of testing, m I right?


Yes i too am awaiting for v6 cant get it out of my head :love:

I too test betas on my real system never had any problem that couldnt be fixed easily

but just in case i always use wondershare timefreeze before testing malwares

me too :slight_smile:


when can we expect first beta of CIS 6 to come out?
This year or Q1 2012?

+1 for your question.

Also, are there any chances for a “web scanner” module ?

I think the beta should start now so that it can be thoroughly tested for few months before its release.
And hope there will be new features implemented as promised.


We don’t know if its even in Beta yet…it might be in alpha or pre alpha.

It is not cause otherwise mods would already have it…

I think Site Inspector will be there. Its web scanner.


I don’t think so. SiteInspector is going to be used for SecureDNS 2.0 blacklist and is already in Dragon GUI.

is there any feature list made to be added on CIS 6??

Only wishlist…

Melih has mentioned somewhere that they are thinking of addons like toolbar for Site Inspector. And one of the Devs has also mentioned that SI will be implemented in CIS but as of now he dont know how its going to be implemented.


Well atleast these are talked about for quite a long time but no one knows whats all going to be there.

Local Behaviour Blocker
Kill Switch
Site Inspector
File Rating System in Threatcast with other features


And maybe more… this list here is gonna take CIS to another level! Assuming that they add this to version 6.

site inspector is going to be in secure dns independent of cis
valkyrie is going to be in the cloud(fls) independent of cis
DACS i dont think will be added because Melih has stated its still on the table but other things took priority
local BB i have seen nothing about this from any comodo staff
and about threatcase Melih has said they are discussing a file rating system but who knows if it will be ready for v6

im not trying to be a downer but just dont want everyone to get their hopes up
but just like everyone else here i am really excited to see the beta

Eagerly awaiting version6 here. With the topic and the active development going on especially with the D+ I agree with naren that version 6 will be one hell of a version.

Either way, the core new features/stuff I think we all benefit from would be Local BB (this was meant to come in earlier versions as i remember it been talked about but never showed, so…)
Full Virtualization (sandbox will be improved further as it has been that way since it was first introduced.
File Rating System.

Be nice for bit of info to come from Official source so we can discuss and create our own rumours haha… and the rest!

;D Oh My god i have Cis Fever, is it Dangerous?. Jokes aside roll on version 6, full virtualisation is the biggie for me as i think we wont be seeing any more remnants or dropped files and make some malware testers think Cis has failed…what then do i do with Sandboxie…chuck it in the bin. ???


I’m still afraid of that “safe” malware which can gain unlimited access to PC resources…