CIS 6 BETA Usability suggestions

Please post suggestions to improve usability in this topic.

Bug reports should be posted in the “Bug reports” thread.


Same as above and Network Connections View :stuck_out_tongue:

(i’m loving this program…)

Seems, I miss a lot from CIS 5. Here is what I would like to see in CIS 6.

  1. Summary:

a. Summary of AntiVirus events, threats found etc.
b. Summary of Firewall events, Network connections view.
Network usage of each program/application in Kb/s or Mb/s instead of %
c. Summary of Defense + events, unknown files/ sandboxed files etc.
d. CIS Version number.
e. Database version number.

  1. Scan window:

a. Progress bar
b. Number of total scanned files
c. Maximize button

  1. System tray customisation:

a. Add “update” to tray icon right click
b. Separate icon for KIOSK, or add KIOSK to tray icon right click.

  1. Settings:

a. Add settings for “Context menu” scan.
b. Add “settings” option to all running task windows.
c. Add “search” ability to all lists.

  1. Functionality:

a. Add “immediate” clean instead of “in the end” clean in all scans.
b. Make a backup of the files “cleaned/disinfected” during scans, just for recovery in case of False Positives.

I will add more as I keep on exploring CIS 6.

  1. It needs to be easier to terminate and block a process like in 5.10. I used to be able to just go to the active process list and right click to find the option, but I can’t do this anymore. I find it takes too long to go to “Settings → Defense+ → HIPS → File Protection → Blocked Files” and then add the blocked file. But even doing it this way still won’t guarantee the termination of the process. So please add a “terminate and block” in killswitch for version 6.

  2. In the main GUI flip it to Tasks and search for something like “Scan”. The problem is you cannot right click an item in the search results and add to or remove from the taskbar. However, if you are right clicking the item when it’s NOT in the search results, the add/remove option shows up just fine. The add/remove right click option should always be there whether you searched or not!

A big thanks to the developers for making CIS 6 possible and more thanks for listening to our feedback!

  1. I think we need to have another column mentioning the reason for any file being added to 'Trusted files"

For example:

Name Company Reason
c:\test\sample.exe Unknown User
d:\test2\sample2.exe Unknown Cloud

  1. And, we must be able to filter/sort the list by any column…

When cis detects multiple threats it will alert about each one with its own alert creating many alerts. CIS needs a feature that can detect when there are multiple virus detections and display them in a list in one window so the user is not bombarded with alerts.

Good Idea…

I can’t believe that there is no option to quickly see the active sandboxed application to switch them to trusted files (out of the sandbox). Am i missing something. It isn’t under tasks.

Please, create a “View Apps in Sandbox” link (or something similar) in main GUI.

Tray icon is still red (indicates danger), when all is OK.

A nice soothing green background with a white C would carry the message ‘all is well’ much better.

Congrats however on the amber ‘needs attention’ colour and the red cross (though some risk of confusion with other products) for ‘at risk’

A draft help file for review would give us the chance to get the bugs out of it and would help make the Beta review more informed too.

When doing some registry related changes in “Advanced Settings” it will take some seconds before the changes are applied. At least on my computer it takes “a long time”.

Would be nice to have some kind of visual “calm down” indicator i.e. spinning wheel or a little something


GeekBuudy & CD should be removed from the installer. It will reduce the installer size.
GeekBuddy is there in the help section of the GUI i.e Get Live Support, anyone can download it from there. CD can be downloaded with Kiosk installation if anyone wants.


Advanced Settings - Security Settings - Antivirus - Scans - I guess its scheduled scan, right? Why does it mentions prevents threats before entering the system?

Quarantine, AutoQuarantine & Advanced Settings icons doesn’t look good like others i.e the square, looks like a flower in the square instead of security things.


Advanced Settings - General Settings - User Interface - Show Notification Messages - It affects AV Alerts i.e if this alert is not selected & dont show AV alerts is not selected then AV alerts appears which is fine but if notfication alerts is not selected & dont show AV alerts is selected then AutoQuarantine alerts dont appears. Notification alerts should not affect AV alerts.

Is Notification Alerts for AutoSandbox Alerts too i.e if Notification Alerts is not checked, AutoSandbox Alerts will not appear? There should be show autosandbox alerts in the autosandbox section.

Some users select autoquarantine & dont show autosandbox notification but in this version it is not possible coz if you choose to dont show autosandbox alert i.e notification in general settings, autoquarantine alert is also not shown.

New Private Connection Found - There should be a close button to close the window. Currenly you have to choose any option to disappear the window.

CIS should be installed on clean system so why now the initial scan by default is quick scan & not full scan?

Shred Space on Desktop is for Manual Sandbox & Kiosk, right? I think it should not be on desktop until manual sandbox or kiosk is used.

Thanks Naren