CIS 6 Beta - changing default sandbox folder location because of SSD


Is a possibility to change the default hidden location of sandbox (C:\VTRoot) to another drive, for example D:\VTRoot ?

I use a SSD drive as C: and I want to minimize writes because of its limited endurance.

Thanks, bazolo.

till now this option is not available, not sure if they will include this in the final release, but u can make a usability suggestion in the proper thread

More like wishlist :slight_smile:

Most SSD’s can withstand over 150TB of writes. Thats 150.000 GB’s of writes. I have a 128GB SSD so i’d have to overwrite entire SSD over 1100 times to wear it out. And most users make like 20GB of writes daily. That’s 7500 days, meaning over 20 years of use. If you do 40GB daily, thats still 10 years. And you know how it is, one day you make 20GB of writes and next 5 days it could be just 2-3 GB. So that even increases the lifetime even further on average.

I used to worry in the past but i don’t anymore. I just use it like i would any other storage drive (HDD for example). Except i don’t defrag it of course.

Yes, I know it but you describe scenario in which using all 128GB space for writes. But practical in normal use most people has only for example 20GB or less free space on drive and rest of space is for long time static data. In that narrow free range the available write cycles are reduced more quickly :expressionless: