CIS 6 AutoUpdate Settings

Win XP Home SP3 32 Eng

I had CIS 6 .2801 installed.

Update Settings, I had enabled “Check for Updates every 1 days”, disabled “Automatically download Program Updates”, this means CIS will notify me if program update is available & not download it automatically, right?

But 2801 autoupdated to 2813 i.e no notification for program update, neither download/install notification.

Anyone can confirm this?

I have the same settings on Win 7 64, currently not on that system, will post here what happened on that system.

Hi Naren,
I agree the update settings and help files about updates are a little obscure with their intended actions.

AFAIK it works as follows.
Option 1 = Check program updates every…
Option 2 = Automatically download program updates.

With no options selected. You would need to manually check to see if updates are available (No notification).

With only option 1 selected. The program will silently download and install available updates with only a ‘Reboot’ notification if required.

With both options 1&2 selected. The program will download any available updates, but then give the ‘Updates are ready to be installed, would you like to install them now?’ notification.

AFAIK. There is no option to just be notified (Without download), like is possible in Dragon for example.
If I am correct with the above, this could be something for the wishlist.

Kind regards.

OK, thanxx for the info.

How do you know option 1 works the way you have mentioned & is not a bug?

I can not be certain without contacting Staff.

I am just assuming the ‘Check for the program updates setting’ would act similar to previous versions which would silently install if selected.

The help topic also has no mention of notification for this setting, so I also assume it is going to do it silently.
That is the way it reads to me, maybe someone else can clarify.

No, in previous versions, this setting didn’t install silently, infact it notified you before download i.e on clicking the notification you use to get the update/upgrade window to continue download/install of the updates/upgrades or cancel it. In none of CIS versions, program update/upgrade had silent install.

Thats why I think its a bug in version 6.

UPDATE - I read the help files of version 5 & it mentions the setting if checked will automatically download/install updates. But when I had version 5, the setting was selected but the updates never automatically downloaded/install, infact it was as the mentioned bold above.

Apologies Naren, now I have thought (Brain freeze :-[) more about previous versions you are correct and a notification was issued.

This could be a bug as you say?

Updated my previous post…

I totally agree the help files clarity are a little misted with fog. :wink:

Comparing to previous versions is not pertinent to the case. Just stick to what the UI and help files of v6 tell us. Comparing to v5 which obviously works differently only adds needles confusion.

When v6 downloads the program updates even when set not to then that’s a bug and should be reported. The behaviour differs from what the UI and Help state about the function.

The online Help actually has a minor bug:

Automatically download program updates - Instructs CIS to automatically download virus database updates as soon as they are available then notify you that they are ready for installation. (Default=Enabled)