CIS 6.3.3 Kill Switch

I did not post this to Bug Reports because i am not sure it is a bug, but i have noticed that Kill Switch uses up to 25% of my Ram when left running for a few days… Anyone have any ideas on this? Is it a Memory Leak? on this Server i run a lot of services, and finally i had had enough of not having enough Ram, as soon as i closed Kill Switch i got back 25 % of my ram, this Motherboard has 8 gigs, so 25% is way too much… a foot note, system performance and CPU usage also dramatically improved when i shut down Kill Switch, so for the time being, i have moved to an open source port monitoring program.
Thanks in Advance…
System, Win 7 Ultimate, 1706 build, sp1, 64 bit, CIS 6.3.3, Latest Update.
Main Components, MySql 5.6.14, PHP 5.5.5 , Apache 2.4.7 , Apache 2.2.4 /Php 5.2.4 for Anon Proxy Server.

I would call that a bug.

Thanks for the quick reply, i have checked to see if i had any other old Anti viri/Firewall programs running, and no, there were none, so all i can say is that it must be a bug or something i have misconfigured in my Apache/php/mysql configs, i am still looking into it, and will report anything i find in Event logs that could backup the memory loss.