CIS 6.2 blocking Microsoft Word Starter 2010

ever since I’ve updated to the CIS 6.2 it’s been blocking Microsoft Word Starter 2010. I’ve added CVH.EXE, OFFICEVIRT.EXE, WINWORDC.EXE splwow64.exe and OffSpon.EXE in Define exceptions for behavior blocking and all of popups related to the Microsoft Word Starter 2010 have been allowed and remembered but to no veiled.
I didn’t have this problem with the previous version of CIS. I read the thread posted in the Comodo forums of similar problems and haven’t been able to find the solution for it. What shell I do? Should I go back to the previous version of CIS or just clicking away the mouse button for a 15 minutes every time starts the Microsoft Word Starter 2010? Any help will appreciated.

Is what you’re experiencing the same as what is described in the bug report here?

If so please add your system information to the bug report.


Have you performed a file rating scan.
I use microsoft word viewer and comodo was treating word viewer as an unknown file which considering its a microsoft file i found kind of weird.
I moved it to the trusted files after rating scan.

Yes. Will do. Thanks.

No. I didn’t. I’ll do it when time permits. Thanks for the help.