CIS 6.0 - Separate Pgm & Virus Updates Please!

Working with COMODO Internet Security Premium 6.0 this last week, I’ve noticed that when clicking on Update, a check is performed for BOTH virus database and program updates. Please, change this back to how previous CIS releases worked. That is, users can request solely a virus database update and solely a program update. This granular level of control is the primary, central appeal of COMODO for me. I have dial-up access and only download program updates late at night (90 MB+ in size). The daily virus database updates are much smaller (usually under 1 MB) and more manageable.

To work around this problem, I perform a Quick Scan every day, which is configured to check and download virus database updates prior to performing the scan.

Hi pshipwrite,
To manually update the Database only, click on the last Database update time. (Screenshot)

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I saw that I could update the virus database by clicking the last time the database was updated - this same thing could be performed in CIS versions 5.8, 5.9, 5.10, and 5.12 (clicking on the time the database was updated on the primary CIS screen).

However, this does not address the issue of checking solely for a program update.

You can set different time sequences for pgm or def.
Also you can select to get only information about pgm updates, and you choose when to install and DL.