CIS 6.0.259057.2639 BETA Failed Uninstall

Hi everyone. I installed CIS 6.0.259057.2639 BETA. I tried to uninstall CIS 6, but the Windows uninstaller said it could not find the uninstaller. I had to use the Revo Pro Uninstaller. When I tried installing CIS 5.12 it said the computer already had CIS. Anyone know how to get rid of the BETA with the faulty uninstaller. ??? Thanks for any help. I really liked the BETA before this issue.

Hi ad18,
It is not created for V6, but the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products run in Windows Safe Mode could still solve the issue.

Hi captainsticks. I used the tool you suggested. Unfortunately it broke my internet connection. I had to fix it with system restore. Do you have any other suggestions.

Sorry about that, I would consider running the tool again as I suggested and then check to make sure the firewall driver is removed by following Erics advice in the following link.
Lost connection during install

Hi captainsticks. I deleted the firewall driver like you said. Then after restarting the computer, I tried just installing the firewall. I thought the problem might be with the antivirus. Comodo said it had Error:1603. Sorry to keep bothering you, I just want to keep using Comodo because I could not find a better free solution. Thanks captainsticks.

Did you also run the uninstaller tool again?
No sorry required. :slight_smile:

Also the following link posted by Moderator Chiron might help.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Hi captainsticks. I restored my computer and it fixed the problem. I installed CIS 5.12. This might be off topic, but do you think the next beta will be safe to use? Thanks captainsticks.

Every release will get less buggy and more secure.

I imagine the next release to be improved a lot, will it be safe?
IMO for most yes but remember it is a Beta so some bugs are likely.

Even software finals can have glitches/bugs on some systems. :wink:

If in doubt, just wait for a while after it is released and monitor the feedback.
Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks.

Revo Uninstaller should remove CIS no problem, always worked for me in advanced scan mode