CIS 5 Scheduled scan - too long, no history!

Hi, I am running CIS 5.0.163652.1142 on Windows Vista Home Premium. So far it seems to work pretty well for me. However, I just ran a scheduled scan using the default ‘My Computer’ profile, and I can see two areas that need improvement:

  1. The scan ran for about 3 hours, scanning about 800,000 objects. Isn’t that a bit too long? About 2 hours too long, compared to other antivirus software I’ve had in the past.

  2. After the scan finishes, the scan dialog box disappears and… that’s it! No chance to review the scan, no history is being kept as far as I can tell. I only know the statistics in point 1) because I was watching the dialog box this time, after having the same problem last week. The help mentions that after a scan, the dialog box should remain open and offer me a chance to save the scan results as a text file, but that doesn’t happen. I think CIS should save the scan results for me, and offer me an option to view them later.