CIS 5 link downloads the firewall

Whenever I try downloading Comodo Internet Security from Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac, it downloads the firewall instead of the Internet Security. I don’t know if it is a broken link or something?

What happens when you download and run it? Can you only install the firewall?

Same problem here. The file says it is the premium installer but only the firewall gets installed.
I thought that maybe I had downloaded the wrong product so I did it again but the file is identical.
Is CIS 5 available to download from anywhere else or would the universal web installer do the trick, and should I uninstall the firewall first?

I tried installing the AV as a standalone but it gave an error saying it was not compatible with Comodo Internet Security. Most interesting as I don’t even have CIS installed!

I also attempted the web installer but that did not offer the option of installing CIS, only the firewall and AV as standalone programs. In fact it was that which gave me the idea of installing the AV as a standalone. After all, I already have the firewall installed.

Get the suite from COMODO Internet Security 5.0.162636.1135 Released!. Apparently there is something wrong with the download page. It provides the firewall installer instead of the suite installer.

I want the Firewall and Defense+, so I need to download… what? ???

That’s what I have so download either the firewall or CIS because the latter says it is the premium installer but the program itself is again the firewall.

That’s the same link. I already tried it and you get the firewall again. Someone has renamed the file cispremium_installer_x86.exe but the file is identical in size to the firewall and that’s what you get if you install it. Ditto the 64 bit version.

… the program is the firewall AND Defense+ or only the firewall?

the firewall AND Defense+

I think someone may be confused here.

The download page is giving the correct installers. As far as i can tell.

Are you running the installer or just going by file size and similarities?


Thanks. It has been apparently been fixed. There have been several topics about this that I moved to the report forum and web site issues board.

So FW (cfw installer) contains also Defense+ ?


I discovered the problem and found the fix. I discovered it by looking in the program directory where I found cavscan.exe which is clearly the AV component.

In fact the installer is correct. It’s just that, for reasons unknown to me, the default installation is the firewall and defense + only. You have to go to the start menu and locate the link for the firewall, NOT CIS. Then hit the link to Add or remove components. You will then see the Antivirus is unchecked. Check it and install. You will have to reboot but afterwards the suite is complete and I have to add, it seems to work really well.

So the only remaining question is… Why doesn’t the installer default to the full suite? If I had wanted the firewall only I would NOT have downloaded the CIS premium installer.

The download pages of the Comodo web site temporarily gave the wrong installer. Don’t think the two installers really differ that much.

Sorry it’s NOT fixed yet, I also downloaded the csipremium_installer_x86 and I only have a firewall.


From what page did you download it?


The first was the XP 32 bit sp2

the second was a;msg434418#msg434418 that a mod had checked and said it worked(don’t worry, I’m not blaming the mod)

Thanks, I see it has been fixed.