CIS (5.5.195786.1383) and BankID/Nexus Personal kills Firefox


This is my first post here; I’m a long time user of Comodo CIS and I’ve never had a problem, until now and I need help as I cannot figure out what on earth has happened.

The Problem
b[/b] When I try to view pages in Firefox Comodo CPU spikes and Firefox loads pages very slowly, and often not at all (connection timeout).
b[/b] When I shut down Firefox the windows closes, but the Firefox process in task manager is showing activity and it takes a very long time before it gets terminated, and at the same time Comodo is overloading the CPU and gets back to normal when the Firefox process is finally terminated.

The problem does not appear in any of the other browsers I have (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome).

When did the problem appear?

  • The last couple of days; and I recently updated Comodo (auto update).
  • The problem also seems to occur especially when it comes to webpages where you need to login (e.g. Gmail login)


  • Windows 7 64bit (SP 1)
  • Firefox 6
  • No other security software installed (except for Microsoft’s default malware and firewall)

What I’ve tried to do?
b[/b] Firefox is added as a trusted/web application and allowed all in/out in Firewall.
b[/b] Emptied Firefox cache.
b[/b] Uninstalled Comodo: and yes Firefox then works as it should
b[/b] Installed only Firewall: Firefox slows down
b[/b] Uninstall Firewall, install Anti-Virus: Firefox still slows down
b[/b] My computer became ■■■■■ and I had to use a restore point (after the first Comodo uninstall). Computer was restored, with no Comodo installed, I installed Comodo full install, and everything worked. Firefox was slow but no more connection timeouts. Until I restarted the computer; now the problem occurs again.

What am I supposed to do?
I’ve been using Comodo for a very long time and I don’t want to search for a new product, but I can’t even start to imagine what the problem is…


OK, I have now identified the problem…

It seems that it is a program called “BankID” or “Nexus Personal”, which I didn’t have running but it was anyways causing CIS to behave strangely (it must have installed a plugin or something in Firefox, which then made CIS to go overload).

I disabled the browser integration with Mozilla in the BankID software, and now Firefox works as it should.

The question now however is why Comodo is having problem with Firefox/BankID? CIS has no problem with IE/BankID.

I have set BankID to be trusted software and allowed all in/out traffic, but CIS still kills Firefox.

Does anybody know why CIS is behaving like this? (Firefox/BankID works when CIS is not installed, so I’d say the problem lies with CIS).


Doesn’t anyone have a teeny weeny idea of what may be wrong?

Why is CIS killing Firefox when BankID is run? (but not IE)

If you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will be seen by Comodo staff.

Thanks for your tip.

I read the instructions, and as I was going through the process of recreating the problem I noticed that, when BankID is activated, Firefox no longer has any problems.

I’m not sure why this has happened.

I had “cleaned up” Windows around last week, running “disk/regedit cleaners/optimizers”, uninstalling unnecessary programs etc. And I’ve also updated Firefox. So it’s possible that something during those processes “fixed” the problem. I dunno. I didn’t notice it until now.

But hopefully this, whatever it was, fixed the problem. At least it doesn’t seem to freeze Firefox for the moment.

Anyway, maybe this will help someone else. And I’ll be back if the problem occurs again.