CIS 5.3 Official Release Date [Released]


I have one question when did you release the CIS 5.1 official release date

Thank you very much for the info

Edit: changed ver to 5.3

I am sure most of the answers here would be: SOON


Yup,it’ll be here soon. :wink:

I am waiting on that special DACS implement that will make CIS 100% detection i hope that was promised.

Thank you very much for all I hope it is very soon for the teswting

Will CIS 5.1 require a clean install or the upgrade will be fine too?

It’s hard to say before all the details are known,but I’d guess that it’ll be fine to upgrade .Please don’t hold me to that ;D

I’m hoping so too,I do love a good beta test and this one will have some exciting new features.

come to daddy 5.1 with dacs

though im loving MSE right now i will do a fresh install to play with dacs! ;D

You won’t need another AV when DACS arrives :wink: Then as always… Clean up is going to follow up on it!


DACS will arrive with the release of 5.1 ?

Maybe before, maybe after.

Maybe both :wink:

i readed in some place,
an stand alone version was given to mods,
now i wanna know what the mods can say about it
a: it requires updates? (signatures)
b: can do an on-demand scan?
c: will replace the AV?
d: can give false positives?
e: how much resourses use? (is heavy?)
f: if is so perfect, then the auto-sanbox will not be nessesary?

edit: forgot to put the more important question
g: shall it KICK symantec ■■■

the only thing I can comment on is f. there is no such thing as perfect, even if it detects 99.9% of malware things can still get through. Think about it like this against 1 million malware 100 can still bypass and with an average of multiple millions per year, lets say 5 million that is still leave 500 malware ( but in more reality more) that can still infect your system.

is there another type??

g: shall it KICK symantec ■■■

Symantec have a donkey? ???
No, kicking it would be cruel. :wink:

I sincerely hope that it will be 100% detection but is that possible at all?

The answer to that is no 100% is not possible.What DACS offers is the best detection rate,but there’s always going to be stuff missed by any form of detection software.

the one thing to remember is nothing is 100% in the world, it is impossible be 100% at anything. You can get really really close but never to 100%. That is why mathematics is technically an estimation ( rounding is used), like what is 1 divided by 3, it is .3333(infinity)

It will be a beta release or directly released version coz the standalone version is for testing with the mods for quite a long time & still no info nothing about it.