CIS 5.3.175888.1227

CIS self-updated today, defaulting global settings and theme :-
i don’t mind, it’s a few clicks job…

but I strongly disagree with updates without a changelog,
so devs, what’s new? :wink:

Thats wat i have come to search for changelog…
self updating now…
log plz…

Would like the changelog too.

Thanks for the update and the overall great product.

This update also ■■■■■■■ highly customized list of trusted vendors

The only new stuff I can see is disabling the Cloud and RootKit scanning by defaults.

the new stuff:

-Activate IPV6 Filter.

Its mainly bug fixes guys. I have updated the post for your reference.

-Activate IPV6 Filter.
Yes and with very good reason.

a small quote from the site to explain why

IPv4 addresses are almost out of stock. This isn't the first time somebody rang a bell about it, but now the situation is getting desperate. According to reputable institutions and individuals, within the first quarter of 2011, we could run completely out of IPv4 addresses.

The news that current addressing scheme (i.e. IPv4) will soon reach its maximum capacity is not new, in fact, there have been warnings for quite some time. But the news is still bound to cause a lot of turmoil. Although it doesn’t mean the end of the internet, it will leave new users without an IP address. No IP address means no Internet connection, so what is the solution?

The installers are updated.

See attached image.

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I will close this topic. Please continue in the release topic.