CIS 5.12 for Windows 8

It seems to crash on your Network Card Driver Rt64win7.sys
Can you verify if there are updated drivers for your adapter, and is this one supposed to be Win8 compliant?
the 7.sys suggests this is a Win7 driver.

Realtek network card driver for windows 8 is not compatible with the network driver Сomodo. I have a blue screen error “Rt630x64.sys”

Can you please post your BSOD also, so dev’s have more data to compare.

Realtek® 8112L Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET2

Here’s a screenshot BSOD (in Russian) :

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can you please check to see if there are .dmp files in \Windows\Minidump
Those files contain vital information to get this fixed, please zip one and upload it here, if you don’t want to upload here please send me a PM.


i have a realtek and works 100% :smiley:

version drivers?

megaherz33, может он только русские версии не любит? :))
last drivers 8.3.730.2012 - BSOD

In windows 8 by default there are 2 adapters for realtec, and you don’t need to install any drivers. But some people say bsod problem can be when you delete, or remove with some drivers the second adapter named
Сетевой адаптер с отладкой ядра (Майкрософт) - microsoft kernel debug network adapter.

So, check out this moment please.

microsoft kernel debug network adapter не трогал. заменил 7.61 на 8.3. БСОД в обоих случаях.

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller


Windows 8 pro x64 + comodo firewall 5.12… works 100%

7.46.610.2011 - BSOD

Hi pericles2018, welcome to the forums & thanks for your report.

However, I think you will need to supply a bit more information for it to be helpful. If you did not use “Send Error Report”, please check CIS’s installation folder for a recently created ZIP file (probably CFP.ZIP). Please attach that ZIP file to a post here, many thanks.

Kingsoft powerword conflict

In case-virus software, then not too fragile this

Hi guys,

I am an engineer of CIS team, I am sorry for BSOD is annoying you.
About the issue, I have done following things:

  1. I tried to reproduce the issue(BSOD), maybe I have no this kind of network card, so I can’t succeed;
  2. I have downloaded and analyzed the minidump files from forum, based on analysis result, I find out some suspicious points, so I write 5 patches here, please help me to verify it based on following steps:
    (1)Download and unzip the attached file(unzipped pwd:comodo), it contains 5 test driver files
    (2)Replace %windows%\system32\drivers\inspect.sys with test file separately.
    (3)Reboot machine and test network actions.

3)If you still get BSOD, please help me to get kernel or full dump file with original driver file, I will continue to analyze and get more information from it.

Rick ■■■■

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hello, I am using realtek, on 64bit, with driver version 8.1.1020 2011, I was wondering perhaps this may help, :slight_smile:

replace all 5 files inspect.sys - BSOD.
details in a letter to your inbox, with dumps.

Windows 8 x64 Enterprise RTM

Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller
Date: 19.7.2012

Getting BSOD during installation, same with 5.10 windows 8 compatible build. Installation goes to 64% and BSOD.