CIS 5.12 claims it's up to date

This is no longer a problem but I would really like to know if I should expect it to come back so I would really like to understand why I had it.

I had CIS Premium installed since long time and whenever I checked for program updates it always said that the product was up to date (no errors like “can’t check” and I’m sure I was checking updates to the program, not to the virus db). The version I had was 5.12.256249.2599.
That claim was wrong, because when I got suspicious and uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled it, the version I got was 6.3.x.

Why did CIS keep saying it was up to date ? Is this a known problem ? Also, what is the expected behavior when for any reason a check for updates fails ? A message that there are no updates or a message that the check for updates failed ?

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo laptop, Windows Vista SP2, 2 GB RAM.

It’s not quite clear why Comodo still has pushed v6.x through the program updater. Already there is an updater installer that people can use.

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand your answer.

Even though v6.3 seems ready to be pushed through the program updater Comodo has not decided to update the 5.x users to v6.3.

Comodo also made an update installer available for people who want to update from v5.x while maintaining their settings. This sends a contradictory signal to the users.

OK, got it, thanks. I agree with you that this policy is confusing to say the least. The part which in my opinion is by far the worst - actually definitely unacceptable - is that when you have for ex. ver. 5.12, it does have a program update feature to check for updates, just like most respectable programs, except that that feature will tell you very clearly and simply that the program is up to date, period. So all the users who make the mistake of trusting what the program tells them will stay out of date - which according to many security experts probably including Comodo people is always a bad idea - while sleeping tight and happy for having been told that they are up to date.

It’s not credible that Comodo had no way of avoiding this. All those times where my outdated version was telling me it was up to date, it must have been contacting some Comodo server and receiving a response that led to show the message that it was up to date. What did it take for Comodo to avoid this ? Of course no response or an error message or even a crash would have been so much better than saying check done, everything works and you are up to date. Not being able to update is just an issue, but being falsely told you are up to date is damage.

Let’s keep in mind that when normal users read or are told that they should keep their security software always up to date, what they do is open their security programs and click “check for updates”. You can’t fail them like this.

Try to imagine how many users are out of date right now and yet they believe they are up to date because the program is telling them so.

To me it’s incomprehensible why Comodo didn’t do anything about this.