CIS 4 Update Not Available

I have been using CIS 3.14 and have been suspicious since I have only been getting AV updates and no product updates like I used to before. A quick look at your site tells me that the Check for Updates link is failing to see the version 4 update. All automatic update notifications are on. Why is it not notifying me that there is a product update available? The AV is properly updating itself however. Thanks.

Welcome to the Forum, Marx404.

There is no online updater at present to update 3.14 to 4.
I believe this is in the works, though.

At present, the only way to update is to uninstall 3.14 and then install 4. Do not import configuration settings as this may cause you to lose some of the functionality now being offered in 4.

Thanks, John. So, is it safe then to just continue using ver 3.14?

No problem at all. Version 3.14 is very safe.