CIS 4 final release?

Wondering how close we are to a final release of CIS 4? Been running it on a XP Pro sp3 system with no issues. Light and fast! :-TU

Might sound like a bit of a…hole. But really there is no better answer than this;
It will be ready when its ready. A million things could go wrong, or just a few and get released quick ;D

I estimate it will be about a month.

No problem. Seems I recall the plan was to release it in February and was just curious if we would be receiving more “betas”, or going straight to a release. Not complaining, just wondering out loud I guess. ;D

There should at least follow an RC after BETA and maybe even RC2/3 depending on the issue’s detected…
So i think it’s going to take some extra time to improve things here and there…

I wouldn’t mind seeing another Beta or two… :wink:

or 3.

and something that shows what the sandbox is doing like into Defense+.
cause when i start something in the sandbox, i have no idea about what’s really happening, maybe nothing, who knows ? not me, i got no infos. maybe the application is not caught by the sandbox.
some display balloon message would be great, i always activate this option to have infos about my system activities with executables group.

Thanks. Keep those updates coming! ;D :-TU

I am new here. I have been using Comodo firewall for about five years. I would like to test CIS beta 4 and have been looking around here for a link. Is it still available for download?

TIA for the newbie help!

  At your peril.

Thanks for the prompt response. I have no idea why I was not able to find those links!

OK, well, I guess I should say I am new here but also brave enough to beta test… and I have even just made a brand new image of my system partition and everything :wink:

thanks again.

According to this video of Comodo TV, will released in February 2010. :wink:


Seems at least a bit early to me and others…:wink:

USB issue is NOT YET resolve on XP PRO SP2… its to early for CIS v4 to go final.


Indeed. I really don’t think they are going to make this. In my opinion it must be summer 2010

Nice ad :slight_smile:

Is it to early? Guys have over 2 weeks yet to fix some bugs… and I believe they know if they are able to do it till the end of Feb.

I’m not testing but I’m reading the reports off and on. It’s just really far from being ready for a final release. Knowing Comodo from how they did it with previous versions, they would never deliver it too early to respect a delay, and that’s good. What wasn’t good was that video announcing it for February 88) … didn’t make any sense, this video was already posted while the internal beta testing was just starting. I can’t see it out before a month or even two from now. And this would be just expected, normal.

I even expect 2-3 betas and RCs before the release!!! 88)