CIS 4.1 cfp.exe still freezes - not fixed!

FIXED! Cfp.exe freezes while showing real-time virus detection dialog
Not true.Still freezes here.

My system:Windows 7 x 64 Ultimate
CIS complete install, SB enabled, proactive mode.
No other Real Time scanners or defense programs.
MBAM,a-squared free, hitman pro 3.5-on demand.

cfp.exe freezes and CIS stops responding and closes itself.

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Same for me, still have this problems.

i think that they put up a buggy installer by accident, i’m not sure.

i’m sorry if i’m wrong,

Once the update to new version 4.1.149672.916 CIS, home bar, quick lunch, and RocketDock, and some other programs simply do not manage to start it, everything freezes, for example, quick lunch, I see no highlight bar when the mouse passes over programs as and when I click> Start> Programs! 4.0.141842.828 version is not happening! I see the update say they have solved various problems :-TD, but I see they added some :-TD! I hope they solve the problem.

I can reproduce this issue with Comodo Dragon (AV Window freeze and cfp.exe crash). IE seems to handle AV Alerts ok. I’m going to drop Egemen a PM…

Hi there. This is an issue thats been fixed and a new update is due next week - I’m assuming your using windows xp.


Yes I use Windows XP SP3! Ok I’ll wait for the next update! Thanks for the reply! :■■■■

cfp.exe crash due to incrementals updates, wait for the next database updates, and it is fixed.

Thanks for response

I have the same OS that you have and I don’t have none of the problems that you are relating.

This makes me wonder, do COMODO developers even test their product before releasing it?
I got the same problems and even more, I wish I had never updated to 4.1, some helluva PREMIUM version that is, I liked the FREE version more, with no PREMIUM errors in it.

Since CFP is unstable, it might be a security risk for end users as how secure is something that crashes a lot anyway? How can anyone trust anything that is still at BETA stadium?
“Download now, a new version of never yet tested on humans, worlds best Internet Security tool! Satisfaction guaranteed!” (Nothing personal COMODO team, I’m just pointing out things that need improvement here. ;))

For anyone, who just started to think that Windows’s defects might be caused by COMODO, then yeah, you are right!
The new version, 4.1, is not compatible with Windows XP SP3 and will cause a lot of OS instability issues and prevent many programs from working that worked fine with version 4.0!! I seriously hope you kept your previous CIS setup.

COMODO developers! Keep a link on your webpage for previous version of COMODO product, since as I see you like to rush things and use end users as testing rats without them knowing. You should inform that your new release is BETA - not yet fully tested. This will prevent unwanted reputation loss. I am really disappointed because of this.

date: 6-6-10.
time: 7:50pm

ya i downloaded comodo version 4.1(newest version) and it froze up my pc in some ways, i have been using comodo for over a year, like almost two years, and none of the updates ever froze my pc or caused any damage. but this version did for some reason, it would not let me scroll threw the start menu , it got so bad i had to un-install comodo today and make sure it was all out of my registry and such, yes i know how to mess with all that stuff.

i will wait for the next version of comodo , the version after 4.1.
i really like comodo , it saved my pc many times, so now that its gone off my pc , i will be extra careful.

right now i’m using zone alarm free version as a temporary thing, i will be back comodo !.

there is a known problem with windows XP start menu, we have been told a fix is coming sometime next week.

ok, cool, if you need to take longer to fix that and other things you find wrong in this comodo version, please take your time, better to look at the whole program over is better then looking at one thing to fix.

i will wait, comodo rocks

With the latest update(from today) the freezing is gone.For now. :smiley: :-TU

Hi there,

Running XP SP3 and since upgrading to version 4.1 I am also experiencing strange lockups. I also have noticed that Comodo will also freeze my pc during a routine scan. At present we have 2 machines on our network mine running 4.1 & the other still on 3.12. The old version is still steady as a rock. Both machines are also running the same versions of XP SP3.

Can Comodo tech support acknowledge the issue & give me some idea of a fix time or do I rip it out & revert to version 3.12