CIS 4.1 (64-bit) and Need For Speed HP 2

When I try to start that game 1st time I need to wait many minutes before it starts and during that computer comes sluggish and eventually there might become pop-up asking run NFSHP2.exe in sandbox or not and then comes pop-up asking if it’s Macrovision protection (~e5d141.tmp) should run at sandbox or not and after that I might get to game (many times I need to reset computer to get it working properly due slugginess). I didn’t have any problems with previous versioin of CIS (64-bit) but after upgrading to CIS 4.1 problems started even NFSHP2.exe is at trusted files and that .tmp-file too (but due cleaning computer with CCleaner deletes it from Temp-folder so CIS thinks its new file everytime).

CIS FW is at Safe and so is D+, I have modified settings to get Mirc to work ( and changed to Proactive Security instead Internet Security otherwise CIS 4.1 is on around same settings as it was installed.

I am using account with Administartor-rights.

System info:

Intel Core2Quad 2.83GHz
Ati Radeon 4870
Windows XP x64 SP2

other security softwares installed:

Spybot with its Teatimer
AdAware (latest version and AdWatch is on)
Avast Antivitus 5.0.545 (CIS Real-Time scanner disabled)
Windows Defender