CIS 3.9....507 and uTorrent

Okay this is weird. Forwhatever reason, after I upgraded to the latest 507 yesterday, the predefined firewall policy for utorrent does not stick to the program. the firewall keeps asking me to allow the request.

Application: uTorrent.exe
Remote: – TCP
Port: http(80)

And when I open the “Treat Application As” list, there isn’t any option for uTorrent.

Is anyone else facing this issue?

Update: I’m going to try downloading 507 and re-installing again.

If you do a search for “uTorrent” in the forum you will find:

There you will find the most important rules for uT. :-TU

I treat it as trusted and I didn´t set special rules for it. utorrent runs fine.

Everybody blames Comodo when the uTorrent does not work. But whats important to remember is that if your behind a hardware firewall you need to configure that and foremost. If you click on the check mark on the bottom of uTorrent it will link you to the PortForward web site. From there follow the instructions.

Works fine for me just got 2 popups which I allowed and everything is fine.

you guys don’t read what I typed? There is nothing wrong with uTorrent, it is just that CIS keeps asking me to switch from uTorrent firewall policies to Trusted. I prefer if it sticks to the custom rules rather than the general rules.

I read what you said. I’m just saying that mine doesn’t do that. It created a custom rule and it works with that without any further actions or warnings. I run in Clean PC mode, maybe it’s different in Safe Mode?

Do yo have a rule for port 80 in your uTorrent rule?

It does not work if I confgure it as in manual

Yes I do.

Did you do a clean or an upgrade install? From version where you upgrading?

Can you show us the uTorrent rules (screenie)?