CIS 3.8 Sound problem

I have a glitching sound problem in the new version of CIS 3.8.
The problem appaer when the computer have been on more the 12-14 houres.
This glitching sound problem is in all programs how runs sounds example flash(Youtube) and winamp.

What I have to do now, wakearound, is reboot my computer then is back to normal tills it have been on more then 12-14 houre then problem is back.

Here is more then me how have this problem:

I didn’t have this problem with older version 3.5.

My settup is:

Vista Ultimat x64
CIS x64 lates 3.8 (no other security appz)
AMD X2 4200+
4 Gb Ram
nVidia 8800GT

PS. This bug happen with my CD-burner software also.

Is this issue due to be looked at for the next release?
I currently have the exact same problem and am also using Vista Ultimate 64bit.

Things are pretty much normal after reboot, but slowly become less and less responsive in less than half a day.
As a result, I’ve had to reboot 1-2 times every single day ever since upgrading to 3.8.

I think it is definitely somehow related to the number of connections being processed by CIS, as the PC seems to last a lot longer before slowing down if I don’t run any connection intensive applications such as torrent.

I tried to remove everything and do a clean install, but it didn’t make any difference to the problem.
Like bubba2, I also never had any such issues with any release of 3.5 or older.