CIS 3.8 Anti virus is detecting too many positive?

I just instralled it over a couple of hours and it’s detected 12 viruses.

But I’m beginning to think them as false positive because the AV found a virus in my Avast AV directory which is ridiculous right?

What to do? By default the heuristic level is set to low that I chnaged to high and now medium in order to reduce these probable false positive.

Upload each file to VirusTotal to see if they are really FalsePositives. I they are, choose “Ignore Permanently” :slight_smile:

Oh and if you’ll find that CIS detected False Positives - please post an FP report here:

Please also report them here

could it be that it detected the quarantine of avast ?


I’m not sure whether they are false positives but they are not spreading to my system folder or anywhere else.

I don’t think it was detecting a quarantined virus. As my Avast virus chest is empty at the moment. Good thinking though.

does it report the name as Heur…
or some other?

If Heur… then its heuristic based detection which may have some FP… (although with settings at low, this should be minimal). If not Heur… then we would like to see what those files are they could be malware… or our actual sigs catching FP (less likely)


Yea you’re right Melih.

The virus name is Heur.Pck.tElock.

I set my heuristic scan to high.

ok great.

High setting is for paranoid advanced users who will be suspicious of anything and everything :slight_smile: