CIS 3.8 - 68 False Positives

On a Windows XP SP3 system with 162753 files, CIS 3.8 identified 68 files as false positives. The same files were detected with heuristics set to “low” and also set to “off”. To summarize, 46 of the files are TuneUp Utilities 2006 and 15 are current version NirSoft Utilities. Most were identified as "heur.pck.MEW.

To zip, photograph and email 68 files requires more time than I have available, but I did attach a complete text list created by CIS. When the TuneUp and NirSoft Utilities are cleared I will zip and photograph the remaining files if needed.

COMODO: Any idea when the false positives are going to be cleaned up?

same here plus a huge number of other stuff on my pc is now a virus apparently.
what a joke,had to uninstall comodo,way to go guys,doing your bit for virus makers everywhere.


These FP’s were fixed, please update to latest CIS V477 and update virus signature database to latest.


Sorry! But what a load of ■■■■!

Im getting more false positives than ever with 477. I use Fusion HDTV program (latest version from and FusionHDTV.exe is coming up as “Unclassified Malware[at]8323507”. This is one of many such false positives that I’m getting.

Installed CIS 477 on a fresh install of Vista x64 SP1. No other security programs installed. Using virus database 1005. Heuristics set to low.

Quickly losing confidence in this security suite.

If you reported these FP’s in a new thread, giving details of your OS etc etc, they will be fixed :SMLR

Sorry! But what a load of ■■■■!

Not really, considering that the vast majority of FP’s WERE fixed in V477.
I’m running heuristics at high, and I have no FP’s whatsoever :BNC