CIS 3.8.64739.471 incompatible with CA eTrust ITM

Having just upgraded CIS to latest version I have found it incompatible with my CA eTrust ITM software as well as the Tomcat Apache application that ITM Console uses to configure enterprise settings. The 2 issues are :

  1. Tomcat Apache service fails to start with CIS installed. Logs report that it “Could not reserve enough space for object heap”. After much research on net and trying to allocate larger amounts of memory to the heap, etc. I thought it may be due to the Comodo Upgrade. Uninstalled CIS and problem resolved itself. Reinstalled CIS and have the same problem again. I have tried modifying D+ settings and D+ Monitor settings as well as even disabling Firewall and D+. Nothing works unless CIS is completely uninstalled. I suspect CFP.EXE or CMDAGENT.EXE is grabbing RAM that Tomcat needs access to.

I did NOT have the above problem with CIS 3.5.57173.439.

  1. Every time my CA eTrust AV Agent updates, D+ pops up alerts. This is because CA creates a .TMP file in \WINDOWS\TEMP which it then extracts the updates from. One of these is a file called DRVUPDI.EXE which then calls a file called DRIVERINSTALL.EXE. These are the InoculateIT updates. Since the .TMP file changes with each update, the prompts occur every time. I have tried creating rules but it’s impossible because the file naming is random and the signatures of the files keep changing. Only by setting D+ to Training Mode is it possible to update automatically. I have also set CA as a Trusted Vendor but it does not help. Is it not possible to create a rule whereby a process started/created by a trusted vendor is allowed to run?

I have had the above problem with all versions of CIS.

My OS : Win XP Pro SP3, all updates, patches applied. Am running CIS in Firewall Security Configuration.