CIS 3.8.64263.468 use more ram that CIS 3.5


Today I tried CIS 3.8.64263.468. First uninstall 3.5 and then install version 3.8. Works well, but the bad is that it uses more RAM than the previous version. :frowning:
The use of Paging File was increased by 50 to 60 mb, this is unacceptable. I had to go back to version 3.5.
My notebook has 512 ram installed and I do not think increasing it for now.
I only use the Comodo firewall with defense+ and Avast antivirus some time ago. I like Comodo because it is light on resources, but the latest version fails.

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For me, its Acceptable, because, they added new features that require more ram usage.

+1 :-TU

Buffer Over protection. Threatcast, heuristics and engine and db rebuilt…It is totally acceptable!!

I’m not sure, but I think he has the recourse bug…

On my laptop it uses less recources then before :slight_smile:


Is there a known bug about resources?

Or I was dreaming or I’ve seen some posts about this ;), so it’s not official :wink:


i get the same problem. When I installed the new CIS my computer slowed down alot so I have to go back to 3.5.

Mine is under 5000k as we speak.

I use a quad core cpu. CFP.exe uses 5.6M, and CmdAgent.exe uses 3.8M
CPU usage is nominally 6%
Not heavy on resources at all.

Then maybe its a bug. I hope it will be fixed soon.

I’m seeing cmdagent.exe using 1.7MB and cfp.exe using 3.7MB. If I remember correctly, that’s even less than I was seeing with 3.5.

Avast is using more than that without any realtime protection enabled.

I’m seeing nothing odd with CPU usage either.

I think it is a bug. My CIS was using up to 65mb of memory. I uninstalled, cleaned registry, reinstalled and it still had that problem. The last version worked fine on my machine but when I upgraded totally didn’t.

Seems like I wasn’t the only person with memory issues. So it may be a bug.

I’m using a Compaq Presario SR5710F model, with Vista Premium 32bit.