CIS 3.13.x & 'cmdagent'


Recently auto-updated to CIS 3.13.121240.574 and found PC runs very slow. Windows task manager indicates that ‘cmdagent’ uses >60% of CPU resources on startup and continually slows PC program load and input response.

I tried the post about replacing ‘bases.cav’ from the \repair folder under ‘SafeMode’ but this did not work.

Downloaded and renamed BASE_END_USER_2456 to bases.cav and replaced bases.cav in \scanners under SafeMode. PC ran and booted faster, however after update, which happend automatically, the bases.cav file in \scanners changed from 104.354KB to 101.195Kb and PC slowed again.

At present repeated above with Internet disconnected and PC runs OK again.

I have downloaded a new copy of 3.13.121240.574 and will delete present setup and reinstall.

Would appreciate any help and advice.

Regards, KH