CIS 3.12 removal and blue screen of death

Gotta start a new post because it seems nobody else have had this kind of problem with uninstalling.

I’m using CIS 3.12 in Windows 7 x64. After 3.12 got out of date, I wanted to install v4 of CIS.
The problem is that I’m unable to uninstall 3.12. Only way I managed to uninstall it was with windows own uninstall programs- tool, but the after reboot it gives blue screen of death with every startup. Using recovery tool I managed to recover the computer to get everything up and running and tried other ways to remove 3.12. I used uninstaller (Comodo Forum) in safe mode, but it was unable to remove comodo fully.

So it seems that it’s either 3.12 with no further updates or Blue screen of death at the startup. It seems a bit weird that removal of internet security ■■■■■ your computer up so bad.

Any suggestions?

try running the unofficial removal tool in safe mode. it should remove all traces of CIS

just out of curiousity, is there any reason you want to run v4 rather than the latest 5.8 build?