CIS 3.11.552.05 For ESM Released

Comodo Internet Security 3.11.552.05 For Endpoint Security Manager Had Released.


Windows Vista/XP 32-Bit Setup:

Size: 32MB (32,957,952 bytes)

Windows Vista/XP 64 Bit Setup:

Size: 35MB (35,949,568 bytes)

Changed download url’s to support load-distribution logic.

Hi, my update says 3.12…can you please update the download url…thankyou

I wonder what this software does. I see no explanation for it so far. Can we remote control a group of CIS clients and why 3.11 when CIS is on 3.12

The CIS for ESM has the code in it so that it will work with ESM central management.


Does Comodo has an Enterprise Security Manager?

Yes we do, here Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager - enterprisexcitium

You can get ESM for free upto 5 users.


Merry Christmas everyone!

I noticed that a new release 3.13.125300.577 is available.
Could you make that one available for ESM as well?

It will…

RM CIS 3.13:;msg353880#msg353880