CIS 3.10.xxxxx.531 detected as TROJAN by Avast 4.8 [Fixed]

Hi all,
Downloaded CIS 3.10.xxxxx.531 from Comodo forum & it was detected as Trojan by Avast 4.8 updated version.
Win32:Small-MLD [Trj]



One day Avast will detects himself as a rogue ;D

maybe avast is feeling the competition and is trying to scare people away from it?? :wink:

I’m not sure why people report false positives on other products here…

Report the issue to Avast.

In the meantime, either exclude the installer from Avast or disable Avast in order to install CIS.


Hi all, now avast updated then when i rescan CIS 3.10.xxxxx.531 its not showing it as Trojan virus now so that False Positive fixed by Avast. We can end the thread here