CIS 2025 is now LIVE!

two suggestions here: use the CIS Uninstaller Tool you can find linked in this forum instead, this way you could work around the bluescreen issue.
You may instead of system refresh consider updating to the freshly released Windows 11 24H2 (if you use Win11), that also replaces system files on the way.

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OK so CIS isn’t free anymore.

I used it primarily for the “Award Winning Firewall”, and it’s now not in the free version.

I guess I’ll stick with on my Windows 10 LTSC, since the firewall does the job. For the scans, Emsisoft Emergency Kit does the job for me. Time to move on from Comodo for me.

EDIT: Actually, I wouldn’t mind paying for it, depending on what the reviews say for 2025. It isn’t ridiculously expensive regionally (I’m from India). I just haven’t had the need to upgrade from for a while (though I know it’s way too old).

the new version of CIS is free to use.

Where would that be?

The forum software is garbage, so hard to tell which thread is where. The original post links to the paid version, where firewall is locked behind a paywall.

the best option would be to follow the link on top which Melih provides, and within the banner, there is a link to download the new CIS 2025 version which says “download now.” the download should start immediately.

CIS and Comodo firewall are free.
As Melih said, the website has not been updated yet, and the current (outdated) download page is very confusing and may seem like you have to pay (but it is free).

The direct download for the installer of free CIS 2025 (and firewall) is here.

For now, the updater within CIS will not update from the old CIS to CIS 2025.
Updates through the program will be implemented reasonably soon.

If you would like to update to CIS 2025 now, then it is probably best to do a clean install:

  1. Export your CIS configuration if you want to use it in CIS 2025.
  2. Uninstall the old version of CIS.
  3. Run the CIS cleanup tool to delete any CIS remnants (get the latest version here) - sometimes the links in the post won’t open. If that is the case, copy the link, open a new browser tab, paste the link into the address bar of your browser, and press return…the cleanup tool should download.
  4. Install CIS 2025 (the direct download is here)
  5. Import your configuration settings if you want.
  6. If desired, go into the firewall tasks, select “stealth ports”, and select “block incoming connections” (since this is not done automatically).

Thank you.

I guess I was mislead because the original link shows this on the page.

Well that and I’m used to downloading offline installer from the forum for years. The cispremium_installer from that site is 82 MB so I’m guessing it’s just an offline installer as well.

So, just out of curiosity. What’s the paid version for if we’re getting this for free still? (like I said, the annual price regionally doesn’t seem to be obscene)

The free version of CIS has all of the same functionality and protection as the paid version of CIS.
The paid version adds supplementary services such as unlimited product support, online storage, and a $500 virus free gaurantee.
The outdated website does not make this distinction very clear. Comodo is planning to update the website, and hopefully the new webpages will be more concise, better organized, more intuitive, and more clear.



In your post the version for the cleaning software is V3.2.0.84
Previously on the forum the recommended version to clean CIS 8012 was V3.0.0.41

Which is the correct version to use for CIS 8012 ?

I’m very glad to see it finally being released. Gonna test on a fresh install on Win11 24H2 :slightly_smiling_face:
Please consider redesigning Website a bit when you are uploading this new version to be less confusing.

Already installed it on my W10 LTSC, working fine.

Imported older settings as well, I haven’t faced any crashes or any issues, did a few scans as well.

I’m glad CIS is still being supported and not getting abandoned.


Which is te latest working cleanuptool for CIS ? Downloadlink please.
Is team working on new complete working ciscleanuptool ?
On forum different versions with a problem… / / ?
Thank you .

The “Downloads” folder is still in Exceptions by default?

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I’m using CIS 2025 on Windows LTSC 2024 x64, everything is fine.

Why does Windows Security Center not integrate automatically? After rebooting the system, I have to wait a long time for the icon to change from red to green.

No, just shared spaces now.


Thats in XIS 2025? or in every other version now?

Thanks for the new CIS. Is there a changelog? Really curious about the old bugs.

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Why are they so stubborn and can’t change it?
I have this option disabled altogether.

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In my opinion, in the last three, and maybe more.