CIS 2024 Beta + Glasswire(or Portmaster)?


Is it possible for me to have Glasswire Premium (OR Portmaster --alt. to Glasswire) running with CIS 2024 Beta ?

Glasswire/Portmaster aren’t security firewalls. They’re more for filtering and seeing all the active connections under the hood in real time.

I mentioned cruelsister because I like how she explains and demonstrates things, as well as her use of sarcasm as a second language. :laughing:

An interesting question, and to answer I doid a quickie test run of both vs CF.

Of the 2 I would suggest GlassWire over PortMaster (the latter doesn’t always play nice with CF). With regard to Glasswire, it has a very pretty interface, and if you find value in the non-malware related Network Monitoring thingies it would be fine.

However I was rather surprised that a modified Coinminer had the abilityto connect out the BlackHat Command without showing up in the Netwrok activity screen- but note that I used the free version (with the Paid version all Outbound connections would be handled similarly (but more annoyingly) to CF with the Firewall in Custom Ruleset mode.

Hope this helped!


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Having Portmaster & CIS on your PC at the same time will require a powerful PC configuration, as these 2 programs are demanding in terms of resources.

Personally, I don’t see the functional benefit of having both.
In terms of filter rules, with Portmaster you can do a lot of what CFW does, but I find it less flexible, more cumbersome and less pleasant to use.

Portmaster offers 2 things that I find interesting: it uses filter lists like uBO does and can prohibit direct access to the Internet (programs that want to access the Internet without using the DNS).