CIS 2014 GUI sneak preview

for you guys!!! :wink:

This is just a proposal…nothing set in stone…things will change…

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CIS v7 with BB integrated ?

Can you share us some of the major new features ?

Hey Melih,

This a very promising update. I like that you are aiming for a simple(r) design again, just like before, in case of v5.
Don’t want to push you about it - as I’m pretty sure that others definitely will as usual -, but can you please give us a hint when we can have this version for public use?
I’m still stuck at v5 (and that is merely due to the currentl looks) but I would like to have the further enhanced security that is available lately with the proposed GUI.

I was hesitating to comment this so far, but perhaps this is the right time to do so now: your product should be all about the “under the hood” features rather the than a “shiny outlook” which attracts the eyes (as an eye candy). You don’t need that to have - if I may state - the best software in the genre just to convert more (and keep the current) user to your side. Keep the design always as simple as possible and keep focusing on strengthening the security behind the scenes, since e that is what this should be all about in my opinion, because if you can manage to stay the #1 furthermore, I don’t believe that people would abandon your product just because the desing is “so 2010” for instance.

Keep up the good work!

Looks pretty good in my opinion. :-TU

its ok. i have never really like the flat look of windows 8 but for me the GUI isnt important, protection is. Like spywar i really hope to see the full blown BB in v2014.

Melih can you show us a preview of the alerts?

Thanks for the preview.

Will this GUI have themes like older versions of CIS did?

Futuristic indeed!!! :wink:

Looks nice.

Is HIPS still playing an important role with this, or is BB integrated with it?

It Looks Like v6 GUI has been Hammered and made flat v7… Can it be a more nice… It looks clean but still…

Btw… Whats new in for v7…? Feature Perspective…

looking good ;D

with cis version 2014 try to reduce virus signature data base file size please :a0

very good! :viva:

I like it.
Simple and clean.

WOW, Metro style, but nice indeed :slight_smile:
So, it means every user can choose which “tiles” place in the main window?

Oh no no no! NO! Not the Metro style! I hate it… Not CIS please! :frowning:

Welcome to the real world of Metro style Seany007 88), and you’ll know what I’ll say about Metro and if you don’t like it I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean :wink:

Peace man :■■■■

I guess it’s nice if you like the Windows 8 look. I don’t.

:-TU +1

I like that now, even in Simple View, you have sections each for Antivirus, Firewall, Defense+ and 'Updates" which you can expand to see details.

Few queries

  1. The screenshot shows HIPS - Safe Mode & AutoSandbox - Limited, is this the new default
    setting in 2014 version?

  2. The checkmark & drag & drop window is not necessary, hope it will be removed.

  3. Is BB & Valkyrie cloud going to be in this version?

  4. Comodo Cloud Antivirus is upcoming, will this version have an option to install either Cloud AV or sign AV?

  5. Will this version have the promised infection reversal feature?