CIS 2011

Hello, Guys:

The good part - CIS 2011 v5.0.163652.1142 downloaded and installed without difficulty in this XP Pro SP3 system about 5 or 6 days ago, and the virus signatures updater runs fine and works flawlessly so far. Good job on the Installer for XP, thank you!

The bad part - I’m disappointed by finding that the automated Submit Files function in the Antivirus tab and the Unrecognized Files function in the Defense+ tab are not working, not noticeably better than was the My Pending Files function in the old v4.x.x.x.

What do I mean? OK, read this example. Several of these 17 Unrecognized files have Submitted dates, but running the Lookup gives the result “Unknown”, and then, running the following Submit, results in “Already Submitted,” and then running Lookup again, produces “Unknown” again! But that is not a helpful answer when the question in mind was, “Is this file a Safe file?”

Submitting via the Antivirus tab works equally well, that is, it returns the “Already submitted.” How sweet is that?

Please repair these automated submittal and review functions, the answers are needed in the field.

Please tell us of Comodo’s plans and progress in fixing these two functions.