CIS 10 CPU spin-up CMDagent.exe win7 x64

I’ve been getting a unusual spin-up of cmdagent.exe going up to 12.5% CPU and about 500 kb/s-1 MB/s I/O usage, checking disk I/O it uses nearly nothing so most seems to go into active memory, with about 5 minute intervals after upgrade and several fresh installs of CIS (this happens during pc idle as well, even after hours of not using it).
I have used it a while now and didn’t even notice it at first but every really noticed my fan spin-up so I started monitoring the behavior of my programs.
I can’t really find a trigger, the closest I could get is that it happens when CleanMem Mini-Monitor (CleanMem Free/Pro |™) starts but that could be more of a coincidence since it runs with intervals as well and I can’t replicate the exact point of spin-up matching that of CleanMem, but everything seems to trigger it, even using my browser right now triggers the effect.

I searched around a bit and noticed one other complaint about it with the mention from a dev that it was caused by remnants of old internet security drivers, this is not the case on my setup. Everything gets uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller, Registry cleaners are ran after uninstall and uninstall tools are used every single time and I’ve been using CIS for years so I know how that works.

I would make a bug report but I don’t really have logs to produce so I thought I’d make it a question before creating a bug report.

I also noticed that a cistray event showing the icon without starting a new cistray.exe is triggered to show in my tray on about the same intervals but I can’t find any events that would cause that either.
What could cause the spin-up?

It doesn’t happen with CIS v8, it doesn’t happen without anything installed, according to MBAM, CIS, TDSSKiller and esets offline scanner my computer is completely clean of viruses and malware so I can’t blame that either.

Long time user so I really would appreciate some ideas, fixes or the knowledge that it’s a known issue, even if I can’t find much complaints about it.

Up-to-date cisreport available here if required

After testing I can confirm that the scheduled task from CleanMem (CleanMem Free/Pro |™) to free up system memory and clear the cache, mostly for gaming purposes, causes the cmdagent.exe to spin-up, it’s highly annoying and not malicious at all, it has been around for years and has been used for years, it used to help me with my lack of RAM, now it bottlenecks me because of the increased CPU usage by CIS.
Could devs please look into this, thank you.