CIS keeps Loosing Installed Updates


I am runninc CIS (Web Filter Databank 8978) in a 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

For the last 2 weeks for 3 times, latest one occured today, CIS (Antivirus + Firewall installed from Offline file) has been loosing its updates.
Last week, the first time I noticed, the Last Updated information reported 18 days without updates (I had updated it a few hours before). The next day information stated 17 days without updating.

This Monday (3 days ago) I ran a clean install of Windows (thought it may be causing this and issues with other 2 applications), and as a side effect a clean install of every application, including Comodo CIS.
Today, CIS informed it was never updated, although it had been updated on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
At all these 3 times, Windows also reported Comodo Antivirus was outdated (Action Center)
At every occasion, both Windows calendar and clock were showing correct date and time.

Is there any other information I may provide to support this report?


Jose Pinho

Hi Jose,
Team will be in touch to figure out.


Hi Jose Pinho,

Sorry for the trouble caused.

Can you please share the following logs for further investigation

  1. cislogs.sdb file from the location C:\ProgramData\COMODO\Firewall Pro
  2. Provide CIS installation logs
    Go to Temp folder in Windows by going to Windows Run (Windows Key + R key in keyboard) and type in ‘%temp%’ (without quotes) and press Enter key and find log file with naming convention as ‘cmdinstaller.exe_X_X.log.7z’ file.
  3. msinfo32.nfo and Windows Event logs using this guide

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


Unfortunatelly I removed the install information logs a few hours after Comodo installation.
Only remaining file is cislogs.sdb, attached.
If this is not enough to analyze the issue, please consider the post closed, once I have so far not seen any more occurrences of it.
I will open a new post, if the issue ever comes back, and will include installation logs from the beginning.

Thanks a lot, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Comodo Team.

Jose Pinho