CIS Freezes PC randomly

Dont know why or how but Comodo free firewall freezes my PC (W10) completely. After uninstalling it’s OK.
I lost some data because it freezes during saving project, so be carefull with Comodo in future.

The latest versions are really bad:

  • freezing window which ask for allow application connection
  • buggy icon on desktop/sometimes missing tray icon/UI strange behavior
  • now it’s freezing PC completely

I think it’s no more award-winning Free Firewall… In the past it was good but now?

Does it happen with the standard included configurations or are you using an older config that was imported or has the older version number next to it? Have you tried to perform a clean uninstall/install?

It was standard automatic update so it uses previous configurations.

Ok, thanks. I can try this reinstall guide but later if someone fix UI problems etc.