CIMA Wishlist

Since there isn’t a wishlist I’ll start it. 88)

I would like CIMA/CAMAS to be able to scan other files than exe’s. Like a .reg file or something, pdf, doc?, image, mp3/music files, etc.

I would like to see CIMA provide a database of all reports, mentioning all changes that each piece of malware (if that’s the case) does to system, from changing system files to registry changes; the entire deal.

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I would like to make this thread a sticky. (:m*)

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Xman (:KWL)

That’s what I was hoping a mod would do. (:TNG)

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I would like to say that CAMAS don’t scan file. he open it and watch what he do. So opening an mp3 file to listen if the music is good or bad ? joke ;D

(:LGH) Well I’ve heard that some malware disguise themselves as music files…


Good thing I don’t like music much. (:NRD)

i submitted 2 music files a few days ago. usually when you play them, your media player (my default was WMP) will warn you that the file is not matching its said file extension (basically it’s trying to act like an .exe when it’s says it’s a .mp3). it will ask you if you wan to continue to try and play it. if you press yes, it usually opens up your web browser to a malicious site or something along those lines. it would be nice if CIMA could scan media files too. (J)

I would like CIMA to have an upload bar, that tells us how much is uploaded and how much is left to go.

Email Submission.
Send the report to an email after CIMA is finish.
Upload applet (like this one - it is a very nice applet. Easy and simple: )
Maybe the Malware Research Group could get higher priority on the site because we are using it to analyze possible malware and then submit it to Comodo. (Maybe with a login to CAMAS)
A bar that shows how (over)loaded it is.
A timer that shows when the analyse of your uploaded .exe will start.


Something like the Startup List at Pacs-Portal would be good :smiley:


New version is out…and I have something to say:

I don’t like two scroll bars.
See attached.

Otherwise this release is great!

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I’d like to have the option to save the report to pdf
It comes in handy if i have to report/investigate a infection, and it will be also a nice “commercial” to our upper management :wink:

Please try now.

Wonderful! Thanks.

I also like how quick you were. (:HUG) :comodorocks:

Maybe a button with “I believe that is a real malware” for non rated as suspicious by CIMA files.

With this action files not rated as suspicious goes direclty to AV Lab for further analysis. Surely, works with CIMAS submitted samples are easier than work with VirusTotal submitted samples.

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Windows Explorer
Context menu “send to” function to submit a file. See VirusTotal Uploader as an example