Hi everybody, I would like to know why the results of the analisys between CIMA and Anubis are sometimes so different and why the page is reloaded costantly.

I am no expert, but Anubis is not a Comodo product as far as I know, but CIMA is.

Quote from the Anubis website:

“Anubis is sponsored by Secure Business Austria and developed by the International Secure Systems Lab.”

The CIMA website is available here (Which you probably already know about :wink: ):

The CIMA Forum (Which you already know about :wink: ):

I think the pages for both of these reload constantly during the upload/testing/examination/analysis process, but I am not sure why exactly, maybe that is there instead of a progress bar at this time; sorry I am no expert, so that is just a wild guess. ;D

Maybe an expert can come and educate us. :wink:

Good luck,
-John Jr :slight_smile: