CID Uses Too Much Taskbar Real Estate, CD Does Not

When CD is pinned to the taskbar, and launched, it takes up only that one slot on the taskbar. However, when CID is pinned to the taskbar, and launched, it does not use/reuse the same slot on the taskbar, but takes up a second slot on the taskbar. This is on a 32-bit Windows 7 sysstem using MSE.

Hi and welcome Dragonslayer2k,

  1. Open CID, then right click the new taskbar icon and select ‘Pin to taskbar’.
  2. Right click the original taskbar icon and select ‘Unpin this program from taskbar’.
  3. Close and relaunch CID using the newly pinned icon and see if the issue is solved.

Hope that solves your issue.

I’m not clear what this feature is. Pinning to the task bar? What is this taskbar icon? I’m confused. Is this the add-on bar that can be pinned to the taskbar or what?

In anything other than XP you can pin by right click the icon that shows in the taskbar (bottom of your screen) when you open any program like notepad.

With this new pinned icon you have a direct link to start the program, instead of a shortcut link on your desktop.

Edit Once it has been pinned some programs also offer extra alternatives if you right click on this icon.

So its like a new and improved even more Fancy Dan Quick Launch.

Hi WxMan1,
The ‘Quick launch’ panel is just an a panel/section of the taskbar.
The following two external links might explain the changes in better terms than I can.

Kind regards.

Thanks Captainsticks, that did it. I lost all my pinned URL’s though. :slight_smile: Thanks for the “fix.”

You are welcome, sorry about the loss of your pinned URLs. :slight_smile: