CID script hang in Twitter

Hello. I’ve found what I think is bug in IceDragon. I’ve been using Firefox for a long time and recently switched to CID. Navigating to my normal pattern of sites, etc. I found a bug on Twitter with CID.

To reproduce:

  • navigate to Twitter & log in
  • click on the connect button at the top
  • (column saying “Interactions” at the top lists conversations you’ve had with various folks)
  • click on a conversation where you had a dialog with someone else (it expands the thread)
  • click on the “Reply to @xyz” box to enter a new message

When I try to reply to anyone in this fashion, the system starts to crawl and eventually I get a popup windows saying that a script has gone haywire, do I want to stop the script. When I say yes then it will crawl some more and then pop up again. when I kill the twitter tab then the problem goes away. It’s so far 100% reproduceable. It works just fine in Firefox and I use it all the time so I’ve switched back for the time being.


BTW, I’m running Windows XP and Norton AV.

Still having same issue. Here’s a picture of the popup warning window.

Hi jrhinkle and welcome,
Try clearing all browser history/data.
Try running with all 3rd party extensions disabled.