CID Extremely laggy

If I put this under wrong category, please change it for me.

I like to use several browsers, and Dragon is my standard, working very well.

Would love to use IceDragon as well, but it’s just laggy all the time. It’s not computer or internet related as chromium browsers are working well and smooth all the time. And it’s not about loading a page really. It’s when I scroll, clicking buttons or anything like that, it takes time for the browser to start acting. Never seen anything like this with a internet browser before.

Maybe this is a pointless thread, but that’s how the situation is however. Unless it would be fixed somehow, I will use another chromium browser from another company at the side (don’t ask me why I need, I just do)

How long is the lag?

I’m assuming that this is a bug, but I’d just like to be sure before I ask you to make a bug report about this.

Thank you.

Imagine if you are sitting with a very old and lazy computer and you have turned on a lot of programs. Then try use your browser.

That’s how I feel with CID. It’s possible to use for sure, but it’s like the browser is not made for my computer for some reason, as it’s always the same. To answer your question for how “long” is difficult. If I’m scrolling, it’s like it has a short delay, reacting a bit after my actual scroll movement. And if I press a button, it can take short up to several seconds before it starts doing what its told.

Unless your computer is running on old hardware, which I am assuming is not the case as you said other browsers work fine, I am assuming this is a bug.

If you don’t mind, it would probably be helpful if you could file a bug report on this board. Before filing the bug report please read the instructions about how to submit bug reports, which are provided in this topic.

Please let me know if you have any questions.