cid does not open

After doing a fresh install of win 7 I installed all my usual browsers, CID, among them. At the end I opened every app I installed as a test. CID did NOT open using ANY way to open it. There was no indication that the install was incorrect in any way. I reinstalled it several times to no avail. I replaced it with DRAGON as I had other browsers and I wanted my bank as the home page. Why is this? Solution? Not a make or break issue. Any number of browsers I can add if needed. I cloned the hdd to make sure all desktops were the same. I have several PREPARED hdds as back ups.

Hi rtrg,
Will CID open in safe mode?
To start in safe mode hold the shift key while launching IceDragon.

Have you tried the portable version to see if the issue is still there?

Did the same version of IceDragon previously work on the system?